Laser Electrical Adelaide CBD provides 'Totally Dependable' industrial electrical services to clients across the greater Adelaide area.

At Laser Electrical Adelaide CBD we understand how critical it is to have your most important equipment working at its best, and know what is at stake when things break down. This is why we are committed to provide Totally Dependable industrial electrical service.

  • Electrical Design & Installation
  • Shop/Office Installations & Maintenance
  • Lighting & Power Installations
  • Security Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting & Testing
  • Electrical Testing & Tagging
  • Fault Diagnosis & Rectification
  • Switchboard Upgrades & Installations
  • Telephone & Data

The needs of specialised industry companies are wide and varied. So whether your business specialises in agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing, assembly or mining, Laser Electrical Adelaide CBD is your electrical contractor of choice. Our highly experienced teams across the nation will ensure that your premises are always maintained and compliant.

Need a 'Totally Dependable' electrician? Contact Laser Electrical Adelaide CBD to discuss your requirements.